Tumbler cups


This simple drinking vessel is worked up from flat sheet metal, the sides become thinner towards the top, leaving more weight at the rounded base.

When knocked onto their sides they automatically right themselves, giving them the name Tumbler Cups.

Ideal for water, wine or spirits, you can even float a candle or flower in them as a simple table decoration.

Tumbler cups make an ideal gift for a child, engraved with their name, they are a gift that will last. 

Available in two sizes:
Small — 2¼" wide 1¾" high 
(57mm x 44mm) 3.1oz, (96gms)
Large — 3" wide, 2½" high 
(77mm x 63mm) 6.2oz, (192gms)

Custom Tumbler cups

Tumbler cups can be customised by size shape and decoration.