May 21, 2017

‘It will either fall flat on it’s face or will be the best exhibition we have ever put on’ said a friend at the V&A.

So far, judging by press reviews, it’s looking like the latter.

It starts with an email from a complete stranger, and ends with seeing an image of something you have made in your evening newspaper.

Over the years we have preferred making things to networking, and as a result have grown used to seeing the same old stable of designer goldsmiths, favoured by the media, trotted out at superstar exhibitions. So it has been delightfully reassuring to have a piece of our work chosen solely on its merits.

 There is a time in the commissioning process when the patron has to stand back to allow that creative ingenuity to kick in. The Chairman’s Cup was one of those rare commissions where the people commissioning it gave a completely free brief to those making it. The result may just be something special.

Power of Making: V&A and Crafts Council exhibition - 6 Sept 2011 - 2 Jan 2012

Chairman's Cup Silver Society