Scale 1:1

These salts were commissioned by John Culme while at Tessier's, the retail goldsmiths of Bond Street, London.

The intention was to make just one, taking as our inspiration an original crayfish salt manufactured by the London firm of C.F.Handcock in 1853 which in turn was based upon the 1740s prototypes in silver and Chelsea porcelain of Nicholas Sprimont (1716-1770).

We wished to refresh an old idea and hit upon the idea of colouring the crayfish a hue which might be found in life.

Having purchased a basket of crayfish from Billingsgate market we noticed that both Sprimont and Handcocks had modelled from dead crayfish. We set about creating a lifelike likeness, and customers still talk about visiting the workshop to find crayfish walking over the benches.

The success of this really novel effect prompted Tessier's to commission the second salt, the crab for which is an entirely new model.

Exhibited 'Supermodels' Goldsmiths' Hall 2001.